Green ambitions is the next one-stop-shop place for sustainable online shopping. Millions of consumers in Europe have started thinking about their general impact on the planet, and possibly where their online purchases are produced, but so far, no shop has managed to make the experience of online shopping sustainable, cool, or convenient enough to compete with the big high street shops and huge online multibrand stores.

Keywords: #urban #nature #lifestyle #science #minimalistic #design #sustainability #community

Identity shopping

We created a simple, multifarious brand with an air of unisex seriousness. We (literally) took a stance by creating a lightweight, custom-built stencil logotype that feels strong without being militant or blunt. The logo’s simplicity called for a distinct brand environment which was reflected in Apaice’s color profile and personalised icon style which we based on the logo’s architecture.

"When shopping at, customers will never have to question the sustainability of a garment, everything is tested through and through, and for the customer who wants it, she can have access to all the extra information and transparency that no other stores provide."

Stefan Jensen, CEO

A better world

At today we think it's a pleasure to work with people who want to change the world for the better. Apaice is a company with a clear vision and process we believe in, which made our collaboration with them feel like a natural fit. We look forward to seeing their project making their mark out there.

Copy writing: Johanne Stenstrup